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Cab Live in Columbus Ohio 6-24-01 

I had the chance to check out Tony with CAB at a club called Little Brothers in Columbus Ohio. It was a great show and its always amazing to see Tony live, they played the following songs: Cab, Madeline, Dennis, Song For My Friend, The Watcher, One For Stern, Stratus, Vlad, Temperamental, Night Splash. If you heard the album versions to these songs you could see how they could be extended for each musician, and that's exactly what they do, its very interesting to hear.  After the show I had the chance to hang out with Tony I gave him the transcriptions that my good friends Peter Lidstrom and David Le Roux have done for his Edge of Insanity album and such other songs as Winter in Osaka, Champion, Freedom to Fly, Urban Days, Wild Ride, and Birds Of Prey. It was amazing how tony would just sit and be able to read the transcriptions like a book! He would just hum the notes and he'd get a few bars in and pause and say "that should be a D" !!! I think he was really impressed with the transcriptions he asked if he could sell those, after he looks them over. He also asked if Peter and David could transcribe his new CD Chromaticity. I talked with Peter already and he said he would be honored to do it!

Here are some Photos from the show