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Chromaticity-Review by Miltos   

John Petrucci is a guitarist whose name has been combined with the word “progressive” the last years. Steve Vai is a guitarist whose name is very well known all around the world. Yngwie Malmsteen is a guitarist who still insists in playing the same style of music as he did during the 80’s – his fans somehow believe that he is the master of neoclassical metal, the one and only. Well, it seems that the first year of the New Millennium Tony Macalpine decides to bring the upside down. NO – I don’t forget what he did with Planet X or the amazing cd he released a few months ago with CAB (Dennis Chambers, Bunny and Brian). The problem is that many fans are paying more attention to the personal albums of a guitarist instead of his works with other bands. For many of them out there Tony was a good guitarist but not as technical as Petrucci, not as great as Vai and not as fast or talented as Malmsteen. Well, it is time to hide I think. Tony Macalpine with his new cd, “Chromaticity”, shouts that he is the greatest of all. There can’t be any comparison with anyone else. 

    Tony Macalpine basically has nothing to prove, he is one of the biggest names of all times. During the 80’s he released at least two albums which are mentioned as masterpieces of our beloved music (Edge Of Insanity and Maximum Security). Tony Macalpine is a guitarist who expanded the limits of instrumental music. There was no need to prove that he is still as fast he was (even faster to say the truth) neither to prove that he can still compose as beautiful songs as he did in the past. I am not closing my eyes you know  – the scene over the last years has been almost dead. Great guitarists decided to remain silent (away from the recording studios) while other preferred to repeat their selves or even worse became too modern (Engines Of Creation). During the last years there were many the times that I wondered if there is something that hasn’t been played yet, if someone can come out and give a new breath to music, if there will ever be someone who will light the fire again.

    I was very anxious about Tony’s new cd. I already knew that Tony wouldn’t play something similar to what he had played in the past but I truly couldn’t guess what he could come up with. I mean, during his career he has played several styles of music and he is also a very unexpected musician. A few months before the official release of “Chromaticity”, Tony told Jason that it is going to be “something new and heavy”. This phrase confused me even more and made me more sceptical. What does NEW mean first of all? Personally I didn’t believe that he could play something different from what he did before. From the other side it was too hard to believe that the cd is going to be heavy because Tony already plays very heavy music with Planet X and moreover none of his personal cd’s was too heavy.

    Well, time passed slowly but I finally got “Chromaticity” in my hands. Things are exactly as Tony said. The new cd is really heavy. The songs are complicated and simple at the same time – this is something that ONLY Tony can achieve. Why? Because there is NO other guitarist in the world with such a sense of melody. The music is a combination of progressive, rock, metal, neoclassical, fusion, jazz and classical of course. I know that it is hard to believe it but you got to listen to this cd to find it out, there is no other way. Basically this is the best sound ever in a Tony Macalpine cd and I am feeling very happy about this. Steve Smith and Barry Sparks probably did the best performance of their lifes – and this is very important when I am talking about a legendary drummer like Steve Smith who has recorded more than 50 cd’s.

    Tony Macalpine released maybe his best cd ever. I am sure that in a couple of decades everyone will kneel in front of this masterpiece. I have listened to it so many times and I still don’t get enough of it  – the more I listen to it the more addicted I become. I truly love this cd. This is what I call “progressive music”, it is a new breath for the scene, it is the cd which will show the way to all the other guitarists. Tony had always been a leader and never a follower and he proves it once again. Listening to this album you will find the well known old Tony but at the same time you will experience a new side of his talent. The guy is a genius. There are no boundaries for Tony Macalpine – he has broken every limit. I believe that noone can predict his movements or how far he can still go. What else can I say? Do yourself a great favour and buy this cd.