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Macalpine-lamours NYC 10-1990

Here is a great concert of the MacAlpine band from 1990 Eyes of the World tour, its not shot very good however, as the guy never zooms in ! The sound is pretty good and Tony plays some great songs from edge of insanity, maximum security, project driver & eyes of the world! very melodic!

One note, the singer is not Alan Sehorn on this tour, and drummer is not Billy Carmasi as on the EOTW album. It is David Van Landing on vocals, and Mike Terrana On Drums, they both do a great job David sounds almost identical to Alan!! David is also supposed to have the Professionally shot show from this tour from Milwaukee, if anyone can get a copy of this let me know, I would trade you anything for it.

Unknown Survivor
Escape The Hell
The Hard Way
Tear It Down
Cry A Tear
The Witch & The Priest
Drum Solo
The Vision
Take Me Back
Wild Ride
Heartache Calling
Guitar Solo
Porcelain Doll
Hundreds Of Thousands
Urban Days
Hold Your Head Up (Argent Cover Song)

Nations On Fire

about 85min