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Here are some transcriptions I have by Tony, that other fans have sent me. 

To view the transcriptions you will need a program called Power Tab it contains music notation and tablature. Power Tab is freeware and you can download it by clicking on the link below. Some files are in Guitar Pro format as well which contains music notation as well, and can have more than one instrument transcribed, you can download Guitar Pro for free by clicking on the link below.  ALL Files are also zipped, you can download WinZip by clicking on the link below.

Edge Of Insanity 1986

1. Wheel Of Fortune David Le Roux/Peter Lidstrom
2. The Stranger Peter Lidstrom
3. Quarter To Midnight
Guitar Magazine/Peter Lidstrom  (Guitar For The Practicing Musician Explanation)
4. Agrionia
David Le Roux/Peter Lidstrom
5. Empire In The Sky
Brian Meloon/Peter Lidstrom
6. The Witch And The Priest
David Le Roux/Peter Lidstrom
7. The Taker
David Le Roux/Peter Lidstrom
8. Edge Of Insanity
David Le Roux/Peter Lidstrom
9. The Raven
David Le Roux/Peter Lidstrom
10. No Place In Time
David Le Roux/Peter Lidstrom

Guitar Player Sound Slip March 1986

11. Birds Of Prey
David Le Roux/Peter Lidstrom

       Bass Solo Section

M.A.R.S. Project Driver 1986

1. Nations On Fire
Peter Lidstrom
2. Writngs On The Wall
Peter Lidstrom
3. Stand Up and Fight
Peter Lidstrom
4. Nostradamus
Peter Lidstrom
5. Unknown Survivor
Peter Lidstrom
6. Fantasy
Peter Lidstrom
7. Slave To My Touch
Peter Lidstrom
8. I Can See It In Your Eyes
Peter Lidstrom
9. You and I
Peter Lidstrom

Vinnie Moore-Minds Eye 1986
(with Tony on Keyboards)

1. In Control
David Le Roux
2. Daydream
David Le Roux
3. Saved By A Miracle
David Le Roux
4. Hero Without Honor
David Le Roux
5. Lifeforce
David Le Roux
6. N.N.Y.
David Le Roux
7. Minds Eye
David Le Roux
8. Shadows Of Yesterday
David Le Roux
9. The Journey
Peter Lidstrom 

Maximum Security 1987

1. Autumn Lords
Peter Lidstrom/Juny
2. Hundreds Of Thousands
3. Tears Of Sahara
4. Key To The City
5. Time And The Test
6. Kings Cup
7. Sacred Wonder
8. The Vision
9. Dreamstate
10. Porcelain Doll
David Le Roux/Juny

Joey Tafolla-Out Of The Sun 1987
(with Tony On Keyboards)

3. Zero Hour
Peter Lidstrom
9. Nine Tommorrows
Jerome Long

Guitar Lessons With Tony Macalpine 1990

1. Endless Time
Cédric Joubert 

Eyes Of The World 1990

6. Take Me Back
Peter Lidstrom
7. Wild Ride
Peter Lidstrom
10. Summers Gone
Peter Lidstrom
11. Urban Days
Peter Lidstrom

Freedom To Fly 1992

2. Box Office Poison

4. Freedom To Fly Peter Lidstrom 

5. Champion Peter Lidstrom

6. Stream Dream Juny

9. Disciples Of Fear Japan Tab Book  Scanned

10. Capistrano John Dawson

Premonition 1994

3. Ghost Of Versailles John Dawson

9. Maestro Di Cappella John Dawson

13. Winter In Osaka Peter Lidstrom


Evolution 1995

2. Oversea Evolution
Frank Frieb

Violent Machine 1996

2. Unfortunate Lazarus Jérôme Long

Vinnie Moore-The Maze 1999
(With Tony on Keyboads)


1. The Maze David Le Roux
2. King Of Kings
Jérôme Long
3. Eye Of The Beholder
Jérôme Long
4. Never Been To Barcelona
David Le Roux
5. Thinking Machine
David Le Roux

Mark Boals - Ring Of Fire 2000

9. Death Row (Guitar Pro File) Alex Rogério da Silva

Planet X - Universe 2000

1. Clonus john Dawson

2. Bitch john Dawson

3. Inside Black john Dawson

Chromaticity 2001

1. Christmas Island David Le Roux

3. City Beneath The Sea John Dawson

Backing Tracks (Midi Format)

Here are some backing tracks in cakewalk (.wrk) and Midi (.mid) format to play along with the transcriptions. 

Songs include:

Empire In The Sky, Edge Of Insanity, Hundreds Of Thousands, Tears Of Sahara, Key To The City, The Time And The Test, The Vision, Porcelain Doll & Time Table.

If you have any more you would like to share please let me know.

A special thanks to David Le Roux, Peter Lidstrom and Juny for all of the tabs they are greatly appreciated. 

keep up the good work!