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06-27-04 Added some midi backing tracks in cakewalk and midi format to the transcriptions section at the bottom of the page.

07-28-04 Been quite a while since the last update.  The new Ring of Fire CD "Lapse of Reality" was just released in Japan on July 22nd.

02-10-04 Added some more pictures of Tony with Lodestar from 1983!! In the PICTURES section. Sent to me by Dave Despault

01-24-04 Added some pictures and a review of Tony with Lodestar from 1983!! In the PICTURES and ARTICLES-REVIEWS section. Sent to me by Dave Despault

7-15-03 Added a Tablature for Capistrano from Freedom To Fly to the Transcriptions section. Transcribed by John Dawson

06-16-03 Added a Tablature for Ghost Of Versailles from Premonition to the Transcriptions section. Transcribed by John Dawson

06-11-03 Added a Tablature for Maestro Di Cappella from Premonition to the Transcriptions section. Transcribed by John Dawson

06-04-03 Just added 4 new Tablatures to the Transcriptions section: City Beneath The Sea from Tony's "Chromaticity", Clonus, Inside Black and Bitch from Planet X "Universe". All transcriptions were done by John Dawson

04-23-03 Added some Live Photos of the Tony MacAlpine, Philip Bynoe & Virgil Donati Tour from Fenix - Sittard (NL)  10-21-2002 Sent By Nico Wobben. 

04-07-03 Added a Guitar Pro tab for Ring of Fire's DEATH ROW which has every instrument transcribed bass, guitar, keyboards and drums. Added a incomplete Power Tab to Planet X's CLONUS, All added to the TRANSCRIPTIONS section of the site. Also added some scans of the Japanese Eyes of The World CD booklet which contains some licks from each song.  

03-28-03 Added a feature article from Guitarist Magazine, October 1988.  Check it out in the Interviews Section.  A huge thanks goes out to Roger for sending me this magazine.

02-11-03 Added STREAM DREAM & BOX OFFICE POISON from Freedom To Fly in Power Tab to the Transcriptions page, thanks goes to Juny for typing it in.

11-26-02 Added some new photos from the Planet X Gig in Dallas 11-20-02 to the Live Pictures Section. Sent by Barry . Also added some really nice pictures from 1995 and 1996 of tony live with Mike Terrana and Ricky Ricardo on the Evolution and Violent Machine tours to the Live Pictures section. Sent by my friend Alain Mancino.

11-24-02 Added a new guest book to the site, be one of the first to sign it.

11-11-02 Added some really cool stuff to Photos, Interviews and Reviews sections (under Articles). First to the PICTURES section I added a cool BC Rich Profile of Tony and his Assassin Guitar from the 1995 Evolution album, as well as a great live photo from 1995, also added 2 promo photos for Hughes and Kettler, and also added a Baldwin piano article. Under the REVIEWS section I added a review of Tony's Premonition CD, under the INTERVIEWS section i added a cool interview from Tony's Violent Machine CD. All of this great stuff was sent by my friend Alain Mancino, Thanks Alain.

11-2-02 Added a Seymour Duncan Magazine Ad with some information on Tonys Pick-ups from 1992 to the PICTURES Section, also added some info about the upcoming Ring of Fire CD entitled DREAMTOWER.

10-23-02 Added some pictures from the Tony MacAlpine, Philip Bynoe & Virgil Donati Tour - Live In Holland 10-19-2002 Sent by Frank Tinge  to the Photos Section.

9-14-02 completely redesigned the Discography pages with scans of the front and back of most CDs, and ordering information for most CDs and Videos. If you have any scans for the CDs without front and back pictures please let me know.

9-5-02 Added some scans from the new RING OF FIRE DVD that Tony participated in last February in Tokyo, I recommend that everyone get this show its unreal Tony's playing has never been better and the rest of the guys, Virgil, Philip, Vitlij & Mark are equally impressive. You can find much more information about the DVD and 2 CD set and how to purchase them in the NEWS section of the site.

6-28-02 Added the Maximum Security Promo Package to the site.

6-15-02 Added some new stuff, been a while since my last update, 

Including the Birds of Prey Bass solo from the 1986 GPM song that Tony did with Billie Sheehan was added to the Lessons Section

I added a interview with Mark Boals to the Interviews section containing some insight on the current Ring of Fire Band 

added some old interviews from August 1986, and June 1988 to the Interviews Section

also added a Hughes & Kettler Ad from 1993 to the Pictures Section 

Also I added pictures of the Hard Way Promo LP Single, The World We Live In Promo CD Single & a Poster from "Eyes of the World" 

Also my good friend Atisha has created a site for the "Eyes of the World" Cd where you can hear samples of this great AOR album.

Also don't forget to buy the LION MUSIC re-Issues of VIOLENT MACHINE & LIVE INSANITY, as well as the PLANET X-LIVE FROM OZ Cd.