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MacAlpine - Eyes Of The World - 1990


Tony MacAlpine-Guitar, Keyboards
Mike Jaques-Bass
Alan Sehorn-Vocals
Billy Carmasi-Drums
Mark Robertson-Keyboards

The Japan version of Eyes of the World contains some small excerpts of some licks from each song, click on the song titles below to see the scans.

1. The World We Live In
2. The Hard Way
3. Escape The Hell
4. Heartache Calling
5. Tear It Down
6. Take Me Back
7. Wild Ride
8. Cry A Tear
9. Wrong To Love
10. Summers Gone
11. Urban Days



Front Cover

Back Cover


The World We Live In-Promotional CD Single

The Hard Way-Promotional LP Single

Eyes Of The World-Squawk/Polygram Promotional Package


Eyes Of The World-Poster

Eyes Of The World-Magazine Articles/Interviews

Eyes Of The World-Time Period Ads

Eyes Of The World-Guitar Lessons With Tony MacAlpine

"Eyes Of The World" is one of my favorite CDs by Tony, I just love his song writing and guitar tone on this CD. This list contains all the known items available from this time but there is also a professionally recorded Live VIDEO from the Tour, that I would love to find, If you have a copy please let me know, and a tour T-shirt as well. I also have a live Bootleg VIDEO from the tour from a club in La'Mours Brooklyn NYC 1990, its kind of crummy though. The Demos I have are really rare and contain many unreleased tracks that did not make it onto the album, and some tracks that did, Tony report ably wrote over 40 songs from this CD, I have tracked down about 30 including the official CD songs. I also have the CD "Lost Treasures" that was separate from the record but recorded around the same time as "Eyes Of The World" but they were all Instrumental songs, very similar to Tony's earlier work on Maximum Security, excellent as you can imagine.

Eyes Of The World-Demos

My good friend Atisha has also created a site for the "Eyes of the World" Cd where you can hear samples of this great album.