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Side Project Discography

This section contains a listing of Tony's side projects. Click on a picture for more information.

M.A.R.S. Project Driver 1986

Vinnie Moore-Minds Eye 1986

Joey Tafolla-Out Of The Sun 1987

Eyes Of The World 1990

Deep Purple-Tribute 1992

LA Blues Authority 1992

Damir Simic-Shime-The Quest 1996

Toshi Iseda-Full On! 1998

Vinnie Moore-The Maze 1999

Vitalij Kuprij-VK3 1999

Cab Project 2000

Planet X-Universe 2000

Mark Boals-Ring Of Fire 2000

Cab II 2001

Cyril Archard-Morbid Feeling 2001

Planet X-Live From OZ 2002

Planet X-Moon babies 2002

Ring Of Fire-Burning Live Tokyo 2002

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